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November 2013

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Sometimes I really hate people

Okay, I'm not one to rant on the internet about my private life. Mainly because I know it stays out there forever and I can never get that back. However, this is a special exception because I'm about to burst. It started out innocently. I asked my best friend if she would design my new tattoo. She did my last one and she is an amazing artist. I sent her the colon cancer ribbon because my dad died of that last year. I asked her if she could put his name, his birthdate and death date in or around the ribbon. She did and it turned out beautifully.

I sent it to my sister via text message because she was talking about doing something similar. I thought she might want to use it too. She never commented on the tattoo design, instead she told me to google something. I did and what I found made me cry and seriously made me want to hit someone.

My stepmother posted an auction online through this company. October 5th, she is auctioning off some of my father belongings. Some things were old and gathering dust, I will give her that but other things are rather personal. For example, my dad owned a business a few years ago. She is selling every bit of that business that is left. She is selling off a kitchen cabinet that actually belongs to my mother and a go-carter that he and my sister built from scratch. She is selling his motorsycle. Then there is things that are smaller but still belong to my dad. Then there are things that "are not listed" and they could be anything. It's like she is erasing that he ever existed.

Not only that but there were certain things in his will that was left to each of us kids. We never got it and most likely never will. For example I was to get a quilt that my grandmother made for me when I was a baby, something she did for all her grandkids. She died when I was three. My half-brother was born when I was six. He doesn't have one and because of that she feels I shouldn't have mine.

Now I have to find someone to cover my shift that day in hopes that I can buy some of that stuff back. Not only that but she can't claim that she needs the money because she just spent two and half weeks in Mexico......

I just...I'm heartbroken. 



*Hugs Back*